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  1. Built-in Blog

    You guys have a concept here that I couldn't be happier to find. Complete free reign of creative appearance very similar to Photoshop, but for building and designing websites.

    Now for my suggestions...

    A built-in blog feature that allows for retroactive posting (choose date stamp to "import" previous posts) and can be incorporated into the site's search abilities, And a search bar that can be set to work with the content found throughout the website.

    More to follow I'm sure...

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    94 comments  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Exciting news – we just beta launched the Blog Feature.
    Start designing by selecting “Blog” in the top menu of the Studio.

    Here’s a preview of what’s under the hood:

    Full Creative Control.
    You design the look & feel of all aspects
    of your clients’ blog posts and feed.

    Design in Context.
    Design your blog in real-time, as it appears
    on your website. No need for previews.

    In-Line Editing.
    CMS users may edit freely in Content Mode,
    updating their blog without affecting your design.

    SEO Optimized.
    Set your clients up for success in search
    with advanced SEO options.

    We’re really happy to share this feature with you so take a look, play around and design away.
    Looking forward to your feedback!

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