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Hey Guys, just like to say great service! I had a problem building a test site, but was able to get help within 10 minutes of clicking the chat button! Thank you so much.

Although it's a great service, the editor I'm afraid isn't exactly WYSIWYG, so a little more work and refinement is needed there. I have problems when moving from page-to-page within the editor. Some elements move out of place and guides go missing or move to another part of the page. Tables are a bit of a nightmare.

Preview does not show tables correctly, and you have to publish the site to see what your going to get. It's nothing serious, just annoying.

Anyway, I have a few suggestions and a rather extensive wish list myself. You're probably sick and tired of hearing these suggestions, but I'll make them anyway.

1. It would be nice to include 'Nivo Slider' in the Gallery option. This is a very popular and great looking slider.

2. A roll-over state for the send button on forms.

3. A 'Captcha' for forms

4. An option on forms to enable a client to send a copy of a form to themselves. See attached example.

4. A character counter and number of characters remaining statement for text fields on forms. This encourages clients to be succinct in their communications. See attached example.

5. A customisable grid (and I don't mean the columns and gutters grid). I like to use a grid of 28 pixels divided into 4 lots of 7 pixels.

6. It would be nice if a client could log-in from the front page of their site. See attached example.

7. Custom names in the layers pallet– e.g. in the Content layers instead of 'image29' we could have the actual file name of the uploaded graphic.

8. Custom styled pagination. That black bar just doesn't do anything for me. LOL!

Okay, so that's enough from me for now. Thanks, and keep up the good work.


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    Hi Thomas!! What a great work, I agree with all your comments.. :)

    Webydo is a fantastic platform and I love the power of our community in shaping it. Fixing these bugs and adding these features would be a huge help!

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