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Parralex needs an upgrade!

The parralex feature is great, but.... responsiveness is a ****. Every change you make on desktop or mobile influence all other views. And as every view has a different pixel rate it triggers wrong. Also the positions move out of screen. It is not workable. Only when you copy every parralex item for every view and adjust them accordingly.

Also when your updating: please add other transitions as well, like 'mouse over' And on click.

The famous large menu bar which shrinks when scrolled down 'and' stays on top (fixed) is not possible.

For an 'On click' feature. Pull down/open left/pop up (internal) would really be super! Example: Twitter logo: klik on it and it slides open with the latest Tweets. (just like your chat function)

I've tried css adjustments, Javascript, php and Dhtml in Webydo, but none of them works fine. It is like if there is an extra layer on top of it, so you can not interact with it. Links don't work anymore, can't close pop-ups..

I hope you can do something with this feedback. Many thanks for your support so far!

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Ruben shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
Under Review  ·  Ella responded  · 

Hi Ruben,

Awesome stuff you’ve got there! Each and every idea would upgrade any website built with Webydo.

We actually intend focusing on transitions, motions and interactions further down the road. So let’s consult with the rest of the community and get for some instant feedback.

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